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With a right to freedom of speech comes responsibility for what you preach, and a recognition that you can be offensive to others.

Cartoon Surprise

Iron Man is really, he is. IRON MAN is in my city!

I know, I know, I've been quiet of late, but I'm still lurking and reading posts. :)

But I just had to post this as I'm just beside myself with squee. It's a fangirl's delight.....

I mean..PART OF THE NEW AVENGERS FILM IS BEING FILMED IN MY CITY OF NORWICH!!! Okay well I don't actually live there but just a few miles outside...that's good enough! lol  No idea what's being filmed  as it's all been a bit hush hush. But this newspaper article appeared in the local press.
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The Great Dragon

Fic: A Boys' Night In

This was written for the Almost Human twenty minute challenge. I'm a slow writer so you don't get too many words a minute...but I managed to bang this out last night. :p

Title: A Boys' Night In
Warnings: None
Word Count: 294
Rating: Gen
Characters: Dorian, Rudy, John Kennex, Richard Paul and others.
Disclaimer: I don't own any androids or sexy cops.
Summary: John organises a special evening for Dorian.

Dorian began shuffling the new cards that Richard had insisted he use. He riffled them with a fast smooth action as everyone stared mesmerised at the expert action of his thumbs and fingers. He finally split the pack, placed both halves together and began dealing the cards to each player around the table.

John smirked as he watched Dorian’s expression. He’d not seen so much concentration and joy on his partner’s face before and it was in total contrast to most poker players he knew. But then they were all human.

John glanced at the other players he’d persuaded to the game. Well...not exactly persuade more like strong armed, bribed and in Richard’s case - blackmailed. He did have a talent in that direction.

“Oh come on! Dorian? No chance.”

“Er, thanks but I’ll take a rain check.”

And then there was Rudy. “Dorian? With his abilities? You know we’re going to get totally fleeced don’t you?” he said with a look in his eyes that flashed challenge. “Okay, I’m in.”

When Dorian had expressed a long held desire to play poker like anyone else in the Department, anyone human that is, and not be treated like he would use his abilities to cheat, John arranged a boys’ night in.

John considered the cards in his hand. He glanced over to Dorian who had already tossed a couple of chips into the centre and was waiting for him to make a decision. Dorian may have promised not to use his android smarts to win but nevertheless John could feel his partner’s skills sussing him out. John calmed his breathing as he now had the challenge of a straight flush staring back at him. It looked like things were about to get interesting.

Prompt: Poker

The Great Dragon

Arrow fic: Drifting Towards Oblivion

It's taken me a while to get this done but I just had to explore the missing part of this Arrow episode from the last season. All that whump and angsty potential just asking to be written.

Title: Drifting Towards Oblivion
Fandom: Arrow
Characters: Oliver Queen, John Diggle
Warnings:  None really unless you count whump, angst and surgery.
Rating: PG-13-ish
Genre: Gen
Word count: 2452

Summary: A coda for episode nine, Year’s End after Oliver’s fight with the Dark Archer. You know, the part we were cheated out of. The part where we get to see Oliver taken to hospital, his thoughts as he lay injured and what happened when he arrived at the hospital.

Points of view from Oliver, the surgeon and the nurse.

AO3 link

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The Great Dragon

Teeth woes and zombies...

I'd never heard of a sinus toothache until my dentist informed that's what I've been suffering from these last two weeks. So two lots of antibiotics and so-many-pain-killers-that I-can-hardly-think-straight,  later, I think that maybe, just maybe, I'm starting to feel a bit better. Fingers crossed that it is so. take my mind off it all I downloaded World War Z last night as a bit of a you do. Because everyone loves an alien invaion movie right? Er...well as most of you will probably know it's not those pesky aliens but zombies..and I hate zombies. Bugger! Okay well not really hate but..well they're the epitome of stupid aren't they? Lumbering along at a snails pace but still managing to catch their victims...but somehow this still scares the shit out of everyone.  Because it would wouldn't it? lol

But World War Z. Whoa...that was a bit different. Pretty daft - but really, really tense, laugh out loud funny, and  totally, utterly crazy. And it made me jump  a few times. A couple of hours of mayhem and fun with the added bonus of a Brad Pitt who I really enjoyed in this. These zombies are total crazy BAMF'S where if you get bitten, 10 seconds later you're a rabid superspeedy nut job! Hehehe, kind of puts painful teeth in perspective! XD

Off to try and have a drink without hitting the ceiling as it touches my teeth!!!

And off to catch up with everyone's posts....

The dangers of ladies reading novels....

I found this newspaper clipping post today from The Mary Sue which made me smile, especially as I'd just read this post by wings128 on how we appreciate our love of reading. I know it's something we all take for granted but seems  like it wasn't always so.

This paper clipping was dated 26 August 1858. And yes, looks like reading fiction is responsible for bringing about the destitution of a family.  Of course it did! lol Thank God we've come a long way in 150 years.