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27 June
Hey all. A few years ago I had my first fandom experience at Gateworld because of my love of all things Stargate. Great plots and characters. I've always loved Scifi and Fantasy for as long as I can remember, and it was great being able to meet and talk online with everyone! Amazing! I wasn't a lone geeky female anymore.

And then I've found this place....and life hasn't been the same since. :D

I adore anything Space and alien related. Almost Human is making me very excited. Futuristic scifi with Karl Urban and Michael Ealy! Hell yeah!

I've always wanted to write my own stories but when I found the fanfic Comms they looked like a lot of fun so have been writing fanfic instead. The biggest problem I have is that I need to be inspired to write. If I'm not it's painfully slow. That's where whump comes in. I just have to have my heroes getting beaten, shot and just all round hurting to show their inner strength.

I love most kinds of music, especially rock, but until recently didn't like any Country. Then along came Christian Kane. The guy has a quality voice and it's a pleasure to listen to him.


Boys and their toys




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